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History of BIGSS

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International Biophotonics and Imaging Graduate Summer School

Globally renowned experts teaching photonic hot topics and medical imaging courses * industry sponsors * hands-on demonstrations * workshops * poster competition * fun activities *  and much, much more!

The science of biophotonics requires the input of diverse disciplines and participants all working in sync and harmony to really make it come alive. Sponsored by Photonics 4 Life, supported by SPIE and Bord Failte - the biophotonics and imaging graduate summer school (BIGSS) provides a platform whereby teachers and students from all related disciplines of biophotonics and imaging can come together to communicate, exchange ideas and learn in a mutually comprehensible and fun format for all.

Our first school was held in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare in 2008 on the beautiful south west coast of Ireland. In the years since, we have successfully run three more schools, with ever-increasing popularity, sponsorship, and demand from students and speakers all over the world. With each, we have aimed to provide a uniquely designed programme that integrates lessons delivered by leading experts in the field, industry sponsored workshops and demonstrations and of course, a range of fun activities for all to enjoy.

Over the years some of the speakers that have graced our classroom include:

2008: Valery Tuchin (Saratov State), Peter So (MIT),
2009: Steve Jacques (OHSU), Gerwin Puppels, Chris Xu and Warren Zipfel (Cornell)
2010: Bruce Tromberg (Irvine), Stefan Andersson-Engels (Lund), Jürgen Popp (Jena), Kirill Larin (Houston)
2012: Wolfgang Drexler (Vienna), Tayyaba Hasan (Harvard), Anita Mahadevan-Jansen (Vanderbilt)

2014: Paul French (UK) , etc

The articles below chart the progression of our school and our activities from our inaugural site at Ballyvaughan to our most recent re-location to Galway.  Please feel free to browse through our programmes and avail of the links to recorded talks and photographs of these events.

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