Image Processingimage processing

  • Biological Applications of Image Processing NBIPMOD19

    The student shall understand the principles of image preprocessing, shape detection and knowledge generation from live cell images. S/he can judge which algorithms are optimally suited to increase capacity of feature extraction and signal-to-noise ratio. Examples from academic and industry type applications will be given. Level 1; Course Director: Tytus Bernas RCSI.

  • Fundamentals in Image Processing and Analysis NBIPMOD1

    This module will concentrate on developing the fundamentals necessary to design, develop and understand a wide range of basic imaging processing (image to image), image analysis (image to feature) and image classification (feature to decision) solutions. It will examine the three key areas in computer vision: shape, colour and texture analysis. Having successfully completed this module, the student will (a) have the ability to design and implement image processing, analysis and classification techniques and (b) be able to use and evaluate emerging image analysis and processing based technologies. Level 1; Course director:Prof. Paul Whelan DCU. For more information on the course, click here. 5 ECTS.