multilabelled cells

General Photonics

  • NanoBioPhotonics NBIPMOD27

    Course overview: This course will provide an introduction to the principles and applications of photonics in biology, with a special emphasis on the expanding usage of nano-structures in this area. Basic principles of biophotonics and nanotechnology will be introduced and developed towards the use of nano-particles, quantum dots and microarrays for bio-imaging, optical biosensing and micro-patterning of biological material.

    Level: 1 ECTS: 5

    Learning outcomes: On completion of the course student should

    • Understand the basic concepts of optical interaction with biological materials
    • Understand the coupling of select nanotechnologies with biophotonics to advance knowledge in biology, biotechnology and biomedical science.
    • Have an introduction to plasmonics and optically driven nanotechnologies such as quantum dots and microarrays.

    If interested contact: Dr. Colm Mallon, Postdoctoral Researcher, NCSR, Dublin City University, email Phone: 01 700 8770

  • An Introduction to Fluorescence NBIPMOD14

    An introduction to fluorescence, the photophysics, chemistry, and elementary microscopy applications. Absorption, Energy levels, Emission, Stokes shift, Quantum Yield, Fluorescence lifetime, Phosphorescence, Fluorophores, Solvatochromism, Quenching, Energy Transfer. Hardware and Instrumentation. Epifluorescence. FLIM.

    Level: 1; Course Director: Alan Ryder NUIG