• Small animal surgical training and neurological disease NBIPMOD16

    This module is an application-specific module for researchers interested in using in vivo models of neurological diseases in their research and applications of imaging thereof. It is organized according to disease focuses: epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and stroke. Each module can be undertaken separately or the entire course taken.

    The module is organized such that each disease has

    (1) An introductory lecture which outlines the disease and its pathogenesis and other relevant information to provide a strong grounding in the relevant theory.

    (2) A lecture on the current animal models of the disorder, the strengths and weaknesses and information to help you decide which one is right for you.

    (3) An on-line surgical training video in which the key surgical procedures for producing the model are performed and described and any key imaging and related research modalities applied (intravital microscopy, two-photon imaging in vivo, laser Doppler flowmetry, EEG). The module thus has both theory and practical information.

    Level 2; Course Directors: Prof. David Henshall RCSI; Patrice Mollard CNRS; Nikolaus Plesnilla RCSI. For further details click here. This module is still under construction.