Histology 1 - Cells and Fundamental Tissues

Histology 1 - Cells and Fundamental Tissues NBIPMOD9

Module description: This module is a basic introduction to histology which emphasizes structure function relationships. It is suitable for any student who has not previously studied histology, including students who may have limited prior exposure to biology. The module has both theory and practical components. The practicals will consist of directed use of a virtual microscope to examine examples of the tissues covered in the module. This module is restricted to consideration only of the fundamental tissues; epithelium, connective tissue, cartilage and bone, muscle, nerve and vascular. The module begins with a brief introduction to cells and subcellular structure and also includes a brief treatment of mitosis, cell cycle and apoptosis. Each of the fundamental tissues (as above) is then examined.

Level: 1 
ECTS: 2 (where 1 ECTS = 25-30 hours student effort) Host Institution: NUI, Galway / Anatomy. Module Coordinator: Dr. Brendan Wilkins / brendan.wilkins@nuigalway.ie. Offered: Semester 1 . Prerequisites: None

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