Multiparameter Epifluorescence Live Cell Imaging

Multiparameter epifluorescence live cell imaging NBIPMOD18

Fluorescence microscopy is a very powerful technique that allows for the imaging of single cell signalling processes using fluorescent probes tailored to be sensitive to certain changes of environmental conditions. This module is designed to teach investigators/students which have a fundamental understanding of the fluorescent probes and fluorescent microscopes how to apply this technology for live cell imaging. It will give insight in different types of fluorophores and their application in live cell imaging and how they can be used to provide detailed information on changes in ionic concentrations, membrane potentials, pH, reactive oxygen species at a single cell level. This module will also provide information on how 2 and even 3 fluorophores can be used in tandem allowing for the comparison of multiple events simultaneously. In addition the module will give background information to the widely used fluorescent proteins and their application of fluorescence (förster) resonance energy transfer in live cell imaging. Level 2;Course Directors: Markus Rehm RCSI; Valia VerriereRCSI.