Biological specimen preparation for imaging

Biological Specimen Preparation for Imaging NBIPMOD22

In order to achieve optimal conditions for imaging it is critical that the tissue samples that any investigator work with are of a high quality, that is, poorly prepared samples will result in the downstream images being of an equally poor standard regardless of the hardware used to acquire the images. This module will examine all levels of tissue preparation discussing important issues for each; 1) Transfection/infection of immortalized cells (HEK, MCFs, Helas..) for immunofluorescence and real time microscopy. 2) Preparation of primary neuronal (cerebellar, hippocampal, cortical) monolayers, the transfection or viral infection of these samples and the processing of these samples for immunofluorescence and real time microscopy. 3) The preparation of neuronal slice cultures (hippocampal, spinal) and the processing of these tissue samples to allow for 2-photon microscopy and immunohistochemistry. 4) The fixation and preparation of whole animals for immunohistochemistry. 5) And the processing of human samples for immunohistochemistry. Level 1; Course Director: Prof. David Henshall RCSI; Niamh Moran RCSI.