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Date: 08 Jan 2013

Funding Awards!!

There have been a number of excellent NBIP projects funded over the past number of months. See more details below. Congratulations to all involved.
SFI PI: Advancing Vibrational technology for Cellular and Sub Cellular Analysis
1.2m was awarded to this project (PI Prof Hugh Byrne) which focuses on novel screening techniques in healthcare and novel medical devices based on analysis of complex changes to biological cells following toxic or chemotherapeutic agents.

FP7 health Angiopredict: 5.9m was awarded to this 4 year programme which brings together researchers from RCSI (Dr. Annette Byrne), UCD (Dr Darran O'Connor), Vrei medical Centre Amsterdam, Univ of Heidleberg, Vesalias Research Centre, Leuven, Irish Co-operative Oncology Research Group, Oncomark Ltd, Pintail Ltd, Epigenomics, Somantix BV. The project focuses on identification of predictive genomic biomarker methods for combination Avastin treatment in metastatic colorectal cancer.

EMIDS (European Molecular Imaging Doctoral School): In a programme worth €30m over 4 years, 7 European Higher Education Institutes (including RCSI) will provide training in the area of molecular imaging at the PhD level. This is the first programme of it's kind in the world and will have a huge impact on the development of future drugs and diagnostic imaging agents. This field of research is rapidly growing and industry and acadmia require the expertise of PhD level molecular imaging professionals.

SFI Research Infrstructure Awards:
Lazr Label-free in vivo Microvascular Tomography
This award to Prof. Martin Leahy provided funding to purchase an in vivo Microvascular Tomography System- the only one of it's kind in Ireland. The proposal was supported by industry partners Covidien and Compact Imaging Inc. This new system will allow researchers based in NUI Galway to view blood drugs and oxygen availability in the blood. This will have applications in tumour response to treatment and in diabetes treatments. 

EU INTERREG 4A Ireland/Wales programme: Four world class institutions from Ireland and Wales including NBIP researchers from UCD and TCD have launched an exciting new alliance to develop new and faster ways of screening for disease using nanotechnologies.

SFI/TIDA: Metabolically Stable analogues of Ursodeoxycholic Acid for treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
This grant was awarded to allow Dr Stephen Keely to expand his groups work on  the colonic bile acid ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) which may be beneficial in the treatment of IBD.

SFI Short Term Travel Fellowships: These were awarded to a number of postgraduate researchers.

University of Western Cape, South Africa: PhD Studentship Award
Kerileng Molapo was awarded funding for a 3 year PhD studentship by Univ of Western Cape, SA to conduct research at DCU. Kerilengs research will focus on the development of electrochemiluminescent biosensors of DNA, RNA associated with cancer and infectious disease.