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Feb 2012-Dr Fiona Lyng was awarded an Honorary Professorship by DIT

Feb 2012-Aine Nolan (PhD student) was awarded the Sheppard Prize for Best Poster Presentation 'Role of novel oestrogen-sensitive microRNAs in colon carcinoma tumour promotion' at the Annual Beaumont Hospital Scientific Meeting 2012.

10th March 2011 - Prof Martin Leahy, NBIP Ireland Scientific Director, is appointed to the Chair of Applied of Physics in the National University of Ireland Galway.

3rd March 2011 - Prof Martin Leahy, NBIP Ireland Scientific Director, is promoted to SPIE Fellow in recognition of his significant service to the society and the greater science community as well as the recognition of noteworthy techical acheivements.

2nd September 2010 - Dr Gennaro Picardi wins best poster award at the 11th International Conference on Near Field Optics, Nanophotonics and Related Techniques (NFO-11) in Beijing.

4th June 2010 - Dr. Valia Verriere (RCSI) wins 2nd prize for oral presentation at the Lipid Mediators International Workshop in Paris.

7th April 2010 - Prof Nikolaus Plesnila, Professor and Chair of Neurodegeneration, RCSI presents the Distinguished Guest Lecture “Traumatic Brain Injury” and treatment thereof with inhalable nitric oxide at RCSI Research Day

7th April 2010 - Dr Heinrich Huber (RCSI) is awarded an Idea Prize at RCSI's annual research day.

7th April 2010 - Karl Egan (RCSI PhD) is the winner of the competition for RCSI Research Day 2010 abstract book cover image .

February 2010 - The award for best oral contribution at UNCSR 1st Annual Symposium, NCSR 10th Anniversary Symposium is presented to Lynda Cosgrave (DCU) for her oral presentation on 'Novel peptide labelled chromophores for imaging of membranes of cell substrates.   

1st December 2009 - Prof Jochen Prehn (Head of Physiology, RCSI) delivers the inaugural Royal Academy Life Sciences Award Lecture.

16th October 2009 - Professor David Henshall in the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics was the recent winner of the 'Basic Science Award' for his research presentation on molecular mechanisms of epilepsy. The team behind the work included Professor Jochen Prehn and Dr. Tobias Engel in the Physiology and Medical Physics Department at RCSI, and Dr. Norman Delanty and colleagues at Beaumont Hospital.

June 2009 - Ovidiu Ghita (DCU) is named "Outstanding Reviewer 2009" for his work with the "Sensor Review" journal.

16th May 2009 - Dr David Finn (NUIG) receiveed the award for Outstanding Young Person of the Year (TOYP) from Junior Chamber Inertnational Ireland in the Scientific Development Category and represented Ireland at the World Competition.


April 2009 -  Prof. Paul Whelan (DCU) is elected a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

April 2009 - Joey Enfield wins the presetigious Rosse Medal at the Institute of Physics (IOP) Spring Weekend (3rd - 5th April 2009).  

26th March 2009 - Neil Clancy (Biophotonics TOMI Facility - UL) wins best oral presentation prize at NBIP Ireland Conference.

Dec 2008 - Prof Paul Whelan's research team win overall DCU INVENT (ICT/Engineering Section) Invention Disclosure Award for their work on "Correction of Optical Lateral Chromatic Aberration in Digital Imaging Systems (John Mallon, Julia Dietlmeier, Paul Whelan)".

October 2008 - Dr Stephen (RCSI) receives visiting lecturer award at the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.

July 2008 - Fiona O Mahony (RCSI) receives the Young Investigator Award at FASEB Summer Research Conference 2008.

June 2008 - Prof Chris Dainty (NUIG) elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy.