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Upcoming Meetings….

Electron Microscopy Spring School (Royal Microscopical Society event) Plus many more events

Webite: www.rms.org.uk/events

Date: 31st March- 04th April 2014

Location: University of Leeds, UK

Description: Basic principles of imaging and diffraction; basic principles of electron beam interactions and electron microscopy; Radiation damage; Instrument maintenance; Sample preparation and Processing (Biological/Materials); SEM, TEM, STEM imaging; environmental SEM; CryoSEM; EBSD; Immunolabelling; CryoTEM; EDX; EELS and EFTEM; Tomography; Image Recording and Processing.


Focus on Microscopy 2014

Webite: www.focusonmicroscopy.org

Date: 13th -16th April 2014

Location: Sydney, Australia

Description: The origin of the FOM conference series lies in the three-dimensional imaging capabilities of confocal microscopy, together with the associated 3D image processing. The FOM conferences constitute an effective meeting point for developers and users working in this rapidly evolving field, playing an important role in the dissemination of information about new developments. The FOM conferences are accompanied by a technical exhibition showing the recent technical developments in microscopy and associated techniques.

OSA-BIOMED The Optical Society-Biomedical Optics

Website: www.osa.org/meetings

Date: 26th-30th April, 2014

Location: Miami, Florida

Description: The meeting covers the diversity of cutting edge research and brings together leading scientists, engineers, biologists and physicians engaged in biological and medical research using optical methods. With over 400 attendees the meeting provies and exceptional opportunity for one-on-one interactions with leaders in the field and lively discussions.


14th international ELMI meeting and Core Facility meeting

Webite: www.embl.org/elmi/Meetings

Date: 20th-23rd May 2014

Location: Oslo, Norway


9th European Molecular Imaging Meeting – the EMIM 2014

Webite: www.emim.eu

Date: 4th-6th June 2014

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Description: The EMIM 2014 will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from 4-6 June 2014 and it the 9th annual meeting of the European Society for Molecular Imaging www.e-smi.eu. The highly interdisciplinary programme covers basic sciences, translational aspects as well as clinical applications of molecular imaging.


International Conference on laser Applications in Life Sciences (LALS 2014)

Website: www.lals2014.ilm-ulm.de

Date: 29th June-2nd July 2014

Location: Ulm, Germany

Description: An international conference with leading scientists in the fields of Biomedical Imaging, Laser spectroscopy, Laser- Tissue Interactions, Light Microscopy and Novel Optical Devices together in a stimulating atmosphere.

SPEC 2014: Shedding New Light on Disease

Website: www.spec2014.com

Date: 17th-22nd Aug 2014

Location: Krakow, Poland

Description: Bringing together clinicians and scientists in the quest for novel biomedical applications of Infrared and Raman spectroscopy to improve patient care. Due to its unique fingerprinting capability, vibrational spectroscopy plays a significant role in histopathology, cytology, biopsy targeting, surgical targets, treatment monitoring and drug studies. This, the 8th in the series, aims to highlight further advances in state of the art Vibrational Spectroscopy.


World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC)

Website: www.wmis.org/meetings

Date: 17th-20th Sept 2014

Location: Seoul, Korea

Description: The WMIC brings together thousands of people from across the entire molecular imaging field. Filled with dozens of powerful sessions and hundreds of abstracts, this event is full of new ideas, innovations, scientific research, industry exhibitors, and educational sessions.

Advanced laser technologies (ALT’14)

Website: www.altconference.org

Date: 6th-10th October 2014

Location: Cassis, France (30 km from Marseille),

Description: ALT conferences are focused on the most recent developments and advances in laser technologies and their applications. ALT’14 represents a wonderful and unique opportunity for fruitful scientific discussions and for establishing contacts with researchers coming from around the world.

View SPIE’s website for a range of optics and photonics conferences, mostly in the US