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Visualization and image analysis of neural injury, plasticity and repair

Team: David Henshall, Manus Ward, Jochen Prehn, David Finn, Kieran McDermott, Tia Keyes, Patrice Mollard, Mark Redmond, Paul Whelan, Martin Plucht, Dimitris Kalamatianos, Peter Wellstead, Claire Ewart, Nikolaus Plesnila, Beatrice D'Orsi, Lynda Cosgrave

This research programme will apply in vivo imaging tools to investigate responses to ischemic, traumatic and epileptic brain injury to elucidate contributions to chronic conditions such as epilepsy and neuroendocrine disorders. It will also investigate which changes contribute to long-term plasticity and repair during chronic pain and neurodegeneration. In a complementary research strand development and repair processes elicited by neural stem cells will be described ex vivo in real time, and mathematically modelled to determine how intrinsic and micro-environmental factors influence lineage decisions relevant to such repair processes. Using established organotypic slice cultures in vitro and rodent models of cerebral ischemia, pain, trauma and seizures in vivo, this research programme will employ two-photon microscopy, intravital fluorescence microscopy and GFP reporter mice to capture and analyse images of degenerative and restructuring changes and intracellular metabolic and energetic responses in intact CNS structures and in 3 dimensions. These changes can then be contrasted with the human brain following seizures, pain, trauma and stroke in collaboration with the TCIN MRI facility of the BMSN network, and can identify processes that may be of therapeutic and diagnostic significance.

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