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Apoptotic signalling through Bcl-2 family members: From advances in single cell imaging to new systems approaches

Team: Jochen Prehn, Heiko Duessmann, Robert Forster, Brian MacCraith, Heinrich Huber, Peter Wellstead, Paul Whelan, John Morrison, Hugh Byrne, Fiona Lyng, Alan Ryder, Tytus Bernas, Julius Hossain, Michael Scannell, Amaya Garcia, ketheesan Thirusittampalam, Susan Kennelley, Ujval Anil Kumar, Kishore Jella Kumar, Zoe Stack, Yu Sha, Julia Dietlmeier, Maximilian Wuerstle, Alexandra Skauropa, Yvonne Smith, Monika Jarzabek  

This research aims to deliver new insights into the temporal and spatial dynamics of Bcl-2 family protein activation and interaction at the single-cell level and single molecule level, employing GFP imaging, FRAP and FRET imaging, as well as novel FCCS and FLIM techniques. It will also deliver new quantitative techniques in image processing & analysis (in ongoing collaboration with ITC-1) and computational models (in ongoing collaboration with ITC-3) and hypotheses that can be tested in subsequent imaging studies. Finally, it will deliver new spectroscopic imaging tools and application-optimised, chemically sensitive fluorophores and nanodevices that will advance quantitative imaging.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it