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Contact Us

NBIP Ireland
Research Office
121 St Stephens Green
Dublin 2

+353 1 402 8651

Team: Paul Whelan, Julius Hossain, Dana Ilea Ghita, Sean Begley, Ketheesan Thirusittampalam, Derek Molloy, Yu Sha, Julia Dielmeier

The NBIPI Image Processing and Analysis Facility is based in the Centre for Image Processing and Analysis (CIPA – www.cipa.dcu.ie), Dublin City University (DCU). Our digital IPA research programmes relate to issues involved in the acquisition (custom sensor design), processing, quantitative analysis, classification, visualization and systems engineering (integration) for a wide range of computer vision applications. Specifically the centre focuses on the issues involved in the automation or semi automation of image feature segmentation, and its associated quantitative analysis, at both a micro and macro level. The core expertise provided by the CIPA is in its ability to develop and design novel computer based solutions that will allow the automatic extraction of key image features [specifically from 2D, video, 3D and 4D data sources] with a view to a robust and reliable quantitative analysis, classification or tracking of key information/data within the scene.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it