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Heinrich Huber, Jakub Wenus, Heiko Duessmann, Jochen Prehn (RCSI), Dimitris Kalamatianos, Perrine Paul, Peter Wellstead

Live cell imaging and fluorescent microscopy allow us to investigate cellular physiology and study cellular signal transduction in response to stimuli in-vivo and in real time. However, they require significant investment in time and effort in data handling. Moreover, cellular events during measurement often happen spontaneously after a long time, but then proceed rapidly upon initiation. This not only poses tedious workload to the researcher, but often results in the overlooking of interesting events.

In an Irish inter-university NBIP collaboration between RCSI and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, the ITC-2 project team established ALISSA - an automated live-cell imaging system for signal transduction analyses. ALISSA allowed the detection of intra-cellular events indicated by changes of fluorescence intensities. This was subsequently employed to exercise control over confocal microscopes in order to change modalities of image acquisition like sampling time or to use additional laser resources. Through ALISSA, a significant decrease of manual workload as well as a reduction of phototoxicity and photobleaching could be achieved in our RCSI Department of Physiology's test lab. Employing the inter-university network of NBIP, ALISSA now is transformed into an Ireland-wide centre of competence for automated live-cell imaging. The ALISSA team will specifically screen demands from our Irish partners, and address them to extend the ALISSA concept and make it applicable to other test sites. This makes our partner avail of the expertise generated by this successful NBIP project and generates an efficient and project based collaboration channel between Irish third level institutions.

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